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Balenciaga’s New Capsule Collection Made to Fight World Hunger

By Styleonfashion | 29 December 2019 | 32 views | 0 Comments
A branch of the United Nations, the World Food Programme was founded in 1961 to deliver food assistance to those in need. Food security, and the lack thereof, is an issue that affects hundreds. But Balenciaga’s Demna Gvasalia is trying to provide aid for the battle against hunger with the latest installment of his ongoing collaboration with the World Food Programme.

“When someone will buy a WFP-branded product, they will be making a tangible difference for people in hunger-stricken parts of the world,” Demna said in a statement at the time. On top of the $250,000 donation Balenciaga made to the WFP, a customer buying one windbreaker would give over 100 families in crisis kitchen sets to feed themselves. A baseball cap would provide 200 packets of high-energy biscuits to those in need.

After that initial success, the brand is introducing a new assortment of hoodies, gloves, hats, shirts and underwear with proceeds going directly to those in need. Sales of these Balenciaga hoodies will raise money to solve world hunger.

It's all part of Balenciaga’s pledge to help the World Food Programme solve world hunger by 2030. You can do your bit to help those in need when the pieces drop in stores!
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